The Cellfion Team


Liam Hardey


Contact for business and marketing related enquieries  

Johan Erlandsson


Contact for tehcnical and product related enquiries 

Alexandra Troulioti

Marketing and business developer

Contact for marketing and business related  enquiries 

Enabling next level electrochemical cells 

 Board of Directors 

Magnus Wikström

Director of the Board 

Has more than 15 years of senior management in the global forest and packaging industry. Leadership responsibilities for R&D, innovation, business development, investment planning and M&A and venture projects.

Hans Hentzell 

PhD with a long experience as CEO and COB. Has and have had multiple board member positions in Swedish high-tech industry, institutes and companies.

Ulf Troedsson 

Many years of experience and contact network in the industry and energy sector, through his former CEO role at Siemens nordic. Is currently a consultant in large projects and has Multiple board member positions

Magnus Berggren 

Professor and research leader at Laboratory of Organic electronics (at LiU), member of Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences. Co-founder of multiple companies originating from the research at LOE, including Ligna Energy.


Scientific Support TEAM 

Jesper Edberg

Scientific Leader at the digital cellulose center (DCC) and project manager at the Research institute of Sweden (RISE)

Lars Wågberg

Head of division, Division of fibre technology, KTH.

Viktor Gueskine

Head of Unit, Principal investigator at Organic Electrodics group, at the Laboratory of Organic Electronics (LOE), Linköping University.

Sanna Lander

PhD Student at the Laboratory of Organic Electronics (LOE), Linköping University. 

Isak Enquist 

Associate Professor and Head of Unit for pressed electronics at the Laboratory of Organic Electronics (LOE), Linköping University 

Hongli Yang

PhD student, Laboratory of Organic Electronics (LOE) Linköping University.

Per Larsson

Researcher at the division of Fibre technology. KTH University.

Mikhail Vagin 

Principal Research Engineer at the Laboratory of Organic Electronics (LOE), Linköping University.