Cellfion is to a cell what a heart is to a human!

We strive towards the advancement of green energy technologies. Electrochemical cells e.g. Redox Flow Batteries, Electrolysers and Fuel Cells are the backbone of the renewable energy industry playing vital roles in energy storage and conversion devices. The performance of the device is dependent on the membrane, which needs to have tailored characteristics for each specific application. Reliable, high-performing membranes are a requirement for the advancement of these green technologies. Cellfion offers nanocellulose membranes with properties tunable for each specific application.


Cellfion’s membrane solution is an innovative use of an abundant and renewable resource. Through a clean fabrication process, we prepare membranes that have non-toxic handling and are decomposable. Through our competitive performance characteristics, our solution can provide you with  

  • High ion-selectivity 

  • High ion-conductivity 

  • Good barrier properties such as low crossover  

  • High thermal, mechanical and chemical stability  

  • Easy activation without any pre-treatment 

The membranes versatile functionalities can be optimised for cation or anion exchange capacities with characteristics that can be adapted to suit a broad range of applications. Through our fabrication process, we have the ability to control water contents and membrane swelling. Due to the abundance, accessibility and processability of raw materials, we have achieved a cost-effective solution without the need to sacrifice performance.  

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