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“Cellfion is a company that has the potential to become a successful and scalable company in a rapidly growing market. Forward, we expect us to keep building our team with fantastic talented members and to begin delivering products to the market during 2023/24.”

Liam Hardey, CEO of Cellfion

You have recently received an award from Ingnite Sweden* – tell us about your project!

We were honoured to receive an award from Ignite Sweden only a few months after establishment. This came from a close partnership together with Boliden, where we came into contact via Ignite Sweden’s match making process. I’m happy to say that the partnership is still ongoing, and we are looking forward to seeing where this takes us.

Interview with Innovative Materials Arena 2022

Fossil fuel alternatives for energy storage remain unsustainable. As CEO of Cellfion, Hardy is leading the development and manufacturing of bio-based membranes to serve as components for clean energy. To start, the company is working with the most abundant biopolymer on the planet: nano cellulose derived from wood.

Forbes, 30 under 30, Europe list 2022